Omega Power Bread is recommended by Doctors and nutritionists nationwide, including:  

Dr. Colette Heimowitz
in her book
‘The new Atkins made Easy’

Heather Bauer R.D. C.D.N.
Author of
‘The wall street diet’

Jo-Ann Heslin, M.A, R.D, C.D.N

Maureen Sullivan, RN CEN CDE

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, PhD
Associate Professor at Morsani College of Medicine
at University of South Florida

Tanya Zuckerbrot M.S, R.D,
creator of the renowned F-Factor™ Diet 

Pastore Cher M.S. R.D.
in her book
‘The 28-Day Blood Sugar Miracle’


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Review for Omega Power Bread
Mary Says

This Healthy Joy bread is a God-send!

Review for Bread

I have been using this bread for 5+ years now & love it. Works great for my low carb lifestyle. There are some days when I have 6 slices in a single day & still doesnt bother my weight.

Review for bread
Shiffy Adler

Wonderful bread! Great taste, makes me feel that I have a REAL breakfast. Will always stick with Healthy Joy! Thanks, Shiffy Adler

Review for bread
Jessy says:

I’m glad I made an order. Best healthier diet decision I’ve made. Healthy breads are usually not good. But you guys have managed to nail it. The taste, the accomplishment speaks for itself. Hope you guys decide to expand to cookies and other bakery goods. Would definitely buy it.

Review for bread
Isaac says:

I’am very satisfied, is unbelievable to find a bread that have so good taste , congratulations, and keep doing this fine product, thank you

Review for bread
Antoinette Puccio Tesoro says:

Great bread just had some today cant wait to tell some friends and family about it, maybe u can bring the price down a little? other then that wonderful bread

Review for bread
Mrs. R. Grunwald says:

Thank you so much for your delicious and healthy bread. I am very insulin resistant and, therefore, I have to eat lowcarb and I cannot have regular bread. It is a real pleasure to have your bread available to give variety to my diet.
Thank you for enhancing my health!

Review for bread
Jeanette says:

Today I tried a new kind of bread that has only 5 grams of carbs per slice, and with 4 grams of fiber making it only 1 gram of net carbs per slice. It is called Omega Power Bread, made by Healthy Joy Bakes. I was totally prepared to hate it because I am sort of picky about my bread and love really good homemade bread. But I was pleasantly surprised. It does take some getting used to because the first ingredient is ground flax meal and you can really taste it. But the more I ate the better I liked it. I could really get used to having sandwiches made out out of this bread. And it would be nice to not have to count those extra carbs for the bread.

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